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Our agents get the most money for your home or property...GUARANTEED!

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Ready for something different? The NewCon Group has expert agents that are getting great offers on homes just like yours everyday! Do not take a chance on selling your own home and do not settle for 2nd best when hiring someone to sell it for you. Let the experts at Newcon Group find the value of your home and start selling it for you today.

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Are you experiencing hardships that are making it difficult to make your payments OR are you already behind on your payments? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We help people everyday in your situation to avoid foreclosure.

  • Foreclosure Process
    Learn more about the foreclosure process and how you can avoid it.
  • Short Sales
    What is a short sale? How is it different from a foreclosure? Find out more.

House not selling? How about a trade? The Newcon Group has conducted numerous trades for homeowners having difficulty selling their homes. Find out how you may have the option to trade.

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Posted By Amy Forrer
Wed, Sep 12th 2012 2:00 pm
Top Ten Reasons to Buy New Construction

Ten advantages of buying a newly constructed home Why New Homes Are Better Than Existing Homes:

  1. Pride inherent in being the first owner of a home that is an expression of your decisions on options, decorating and landscaping.
  2. You don't have to worry about replacing avocado carpeting and puce countertops as well as aging appliances and roofs. You select the colors of the paint, wallpaper, appliances, flooring, etc.
  3. A new home is configured to suit your needs and features numerous convenie...
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The Newcon Group

Our agents are the BEST negotiators in the business and we GUARANTEE the BEST possible deals on your next home or property!

Finding The Best Deals

1. Search For The Right Home

Search the entire Realtor database of properties includingtraditional resales and new construction. Search by neighborhoods, geographical areas, price ranges, and type of homes. We help people find luxury waterfront, dirt cheap fixer uppers facing foreclosure, vacant land, excellent new construction deals, a resale in your neighborhood you have fallen in love with and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN! Looking for a home outside Charleston, SC? Contact us and we will connect you with the BEST agent in your area of interest.

2. Contact Us

Our agents work with you over the internet, the phone or in person to find your dream home or investment property. We connect you with the BEST real estate agent in your area to walk you through the entire home buying process. We have agents who specialize in luxury homes, waterfront homes, middle income homes, low income homes, investment property, vacant land and commercial property. The Newcon Group hand picks the BEST agents for each area of real estate so you get the BEST SERVICE possible!

3. Find Out What You Can Afford

You can play around with our FREE mortgage calculator first to get an idea of what the payment will be for your dream home or investment property while we help you get pre-qualification or pre-approval for a home loan. Our real estate agents can refer you to a mortgage broker to begin the process or you can contact one directly that you trust. The process is quick, easy and FREE. Do not be scared off by the media hype. There are loans out there! Talk to a loan officer and get the real story.

4. Buy Your Dream Home/Sell Your Current Home

We have national connections and the BEST agents in the industry. We get our clients the BEST deals on home purchases AND we get the BEST offers when selling your current home so you CAN buy a new home!

Charleston, SC Luxury & Vacation Homes

Charleston, SC Luxury & Vacation Homes

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Make Money Investor Bulk Foreclosure Packages

If you are a SERIOUS investor these are opportunities for you. You must act now to take advantage of these foreclosure packages because they go fast! This isn’t for everyone but those who can react quickly there isn’t a better investment on the market...period.